Wedding Tips to Make Your Day Run Smoothly

Planning your wedding can seem extremely daunting. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event that you want to be perfect, it’s important that you take the time to ensure that you have remembered everything so that you can sit back, relax and actually enjoy yourself. To make it a little easier, here is a list of wedding tips that you can use to ensure that your day runs smoothly:

7 Wedding Tips to Help Ensure Your Day Runs as Smoothly as Possible
1. Make a list of things that you want

When you get engaged and want to start planning your wedding, it’s clear that you might forget a thing or two. Whenever you think of something that you want to be included in your wedding, take note of it for later. You can then research it, find a provider and arrange it for your big day. You will need to think about where you want to have the reception, if you want to get married in a church, how many bridesmaids you want, etc. There are also a ton of wedding planning checklists available to help you start getting organized!

2. Book your venue, caterer and evening entertainment in advance

Often, people might think that a year is enough time to plan a wedding. But if you leave everything until the last minute, you might not get the venue that you want. As soon as you set the date, it’s important to start researching venues, caterers, bands, etc. that you want on the day. Having everything arranged and in order will ensure that your day will run smoothly and exactly the way that you dreamed it would be.

3. Think about who you are going to invite

Weddings can be tricky when it comes to who you want to invite – especially if you have chosen a venue that only allows a certain amount of people. So it’s important to create a list early, thinking about who you really want to be there. There will have to, unfortunately, be a cut-off and therefore you need to know that the people who you have invited will actually attend.

4. Send out invitations early

You want all of your loved ones to be there. So it’s vital that you send out your invitations early to make sure that they can all make it. Not only will this make the day run more smoothly but it will ensure that you are surrounded by the people you truly care about on your big day.

5. Book a wedding photographer early

It might seem as though there are plenty of wedding photographers out there. But with people booking their weddings up to 2 years in advance, it’s clear that your ideal photographer might not be available for your wedding day. When you have booked your date, start to look into photographers, asking for quotes and if they are available. You can then give them a deposit (if needed) and have the peace of mind that they will be there on your big day to capture those precious moments.

6. Make sure everyone knows their tasks

Before the big day, make sure that the best man is aware of when he has to do his speech, that the bridesmaids know who they are walking down the aisle with, who is keeping track of the flower girl and ring bearer, etc. This will help to guarantee that everyone is doing their part on the day and that they know their responsibilities.

7. Plan according to the weather

Unfortunately, in Kansas, there is bad weather from time to time. So make sure that you plan accordingly with the weather in mind. This will include ensuring that there is an area that guests can retreat to if it starts to rain.

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