The Artisan Series – Black Flag Whiskey

Our signature Black Flag Whiskey represents a remarkable time in history when free-spirited, adventure-seeking pirates were sailing the Caribbean seas over 200 years ago. Just like the pirates of those times, we at Bull Creek march to the beat of our own drum and we’re using that inspiration to craft premium whiskey like no other.

Black Flag is extra special as it is a collaboration with former NFL Player Anthony Sherman, who is based locally in Kansas City. It is finished in West Indies island rum casks to create a rich, complex and distinctly Caribbean flavor profile. The casks come from distilleries based in Trinidad and Barbados that carried a spiced combination of up to 10 aged rums between 3-5 years old.

We incorporate our Bull Creek blue-collar ethos throughout the distilling process, as our Black Flag Whiskey is hand-crafted and finished with the finest water profile this side of the Midwest. We’re proud to stand this Artisan Series whiskey alongside our highest quality spirits because we’re doing more than just sticking our name on a bottle –our process is start-to-finish, second-to-none. Just as pirates of the Caribbean did, we fly our flag proudly because our whiskey is well-traveled, experienced, and bold! You’ll want to enjoy this one neat, with your toes in the sand.


Aroma: Rich, complex, distinctly Caribbean flavor profile



We are not only known for some of the best natural scenery at our Distillery. The spirits at Bull Creek have been named some of the best. Check out our recent awards we’ve recevied below.


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