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Planning the Perfect Date at the Last Minute: 5 Tips

Planning The Perfect Date At The Last Minute: 5 Tips

You and your significant other – or online date, we don’t judge – planned to go out on a date and you have been tasked with planning it. But the problem is that, you aren’t sure where to go or what to do and the pressure is on. Maybe life got busy and you forgot to make reservations or the date was a last minute idea – it doesn’t matter the point is you have to plan a date and you have to plan it fast.

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Date at the Last Minute

At Bull Creek Distillery, we don’t have a dating expert on staff, but we have seen a date or two go down and have been on a few ourselves. If you want to plan a fun date night and are short on time, take a look at these tips.

1. Go Somewhere Where There is More Than Just Food

We love food – everyone loves food, but for a fun date night we suggest finding a spot that offers something more than just a glass of wine and an okay plate of spaghetti.

There are plenty of places around Kansas City, Overland Park, and Spring Hill (mostly just us but we had to mention SH!) that host trivia nights, have live music, board games, and more. A great thing about these places is that they are generally pretty laid back and you can get in without a reservation!

2. Make Sure You Take Into Account What Your Date Enjoys

This might seem like a no brainer, but sometimes we get so caught up that we default to picking something we like and don’t consider our date’s interests – whoops!

Is your date super outdoorsy? Take them on a hike and then to a nice lunch. Does your date love to dance? Find a place with music and dance the night away – even if you are bad at it. Are you patio fiends? Find a cool patio and hang out there as long as you would like with some cold drinks and good conversation. Don’t over complicate it, just go with your gut and make sure you have your date’s interests in mind.

3. Have a Backup Plan

This is extremely important for those of you who aren’t great at planning things out. If you want to go to the newest hot spot or a restaurant you know is crowded to “try and get in,” make sure you have a back up plan just in case it is too crowded or a 2 hour wait.

Your backup plan needs to be at a place that you know you can get into no matter what night it is and it will be a good time!

4. Be Prepared

So you kind of forgot that you had a date planned – it happens, but it is critical to make it seem like you didn’t forget (especially if it is a first or second date).

If you are planning to go listen to live music or a performance somewhere, make sure you know if there is a cash cover. You should also make sure that the place you are going to has something to eat that you will both like if dinner is on the docket.

5. Relax and Have Fun

The whole point of going on a date is to spend time with the person you like or love. So as long as you approach your forgotten date night with a relaxed attitude and set an intention to have fun you will be fine!

At Bull Creek Distillery we have a laid back environment and something for everybody – no reservations needed. So, if you find yourself needing a quick date spot that won’t disappoint around Spring Hill, Kansas, our doors are open! Stop in and bring your date.

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