Planning An Outdoor Wedding? Consider These 3 Essential Tips

Outdoor weddings can be incredibly beautiful and romantic. The possibilities for wedding photos are endless and the colors of nature are sure to make a wonderful backdrop as you say your wedding vows.

Of course, outdoor weddings are still weddings, and all weddings come with their own possible pitfalls. There are certain steps you should take to ensure your open air wedding is as perfect as your imagined. Fortunately, with a little planning, you can guarantee your wedding day will go smoothly.

Consider the following outdoor wedding planning tips to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch:

  1. Have a backup plan
    You may be able to plan for a specific date for your wedding, but you’re not always able to determine what weather you’re going to be facing that day. Whether you’re planning a summer wedding or a fall wedding, rain is always possible when your ceremony is outdoors. So what can you do about rain on your wedding day? Consider unique outdoor wedding venues that offer both an outdoor and an indoor space. That way you won’t have to worry about the weather raining on your wedding parade.
  2. Plan for wind
    Wind always likes to make an appearance when it isn’t wanted. If you’re going to spend hours on your hair and makeup, you want to keep gusty conditions from ruining your wedding photos. Fortunately, with a little preparation, that’s not a problem. When picking a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, choose fabrics that are on the heavier side and avoid chiffons altogether. Additionally, tell your hairstylist that your wedding will be outdoors. Bobby pins and hairspray will help keep any straying strands intact.
  3. Make sure everyone can hear
    Outdoor wedding venues are great for spreading out guests to ensure that everyone can see. However, you also want to keep in mind that everyone should be able to hear the ceremony as well. Be sure to do some test runs at the outdoor venues you consider. If your guest list is higher than 300, you may want to consider using a microphone during the ceremony. This will ensure that the elderly members of your party (as well as those in the far back) won’t miss out on anything.

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