Plan Your Wedding with Less Stress: 5 Self-Care Tips

You’re in the midst of planning one of the most important days of your life. Although you’re excited about this next chapter, you might also find yourself googling things like: how to calm down or abandoning your wedding plans to elope.

In all seriousness, a little positive stress (nervous jitters and excitement) is what drives us to accomplish new and exciting things. In other words, it’s normal.

When wedding stress is starting to consume your every thought and keep you up at night, however, it might be in your best interest to slow down for a minute and take sometime for yourself.

Self-Care Tips to Combat Wedding Planning Stress

In order to make sure you show up as your best self when it comes time to walk down the aisle, you have to take care of yourself during all the stages of pre-wedding planning.

Here are some tips to make sure you keep calm and stay stress-free.

1. Take a break from Pinterest and breathe
  • Take a moment to re-center yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Whether you choose to do this through meditation, yoga, or simple breathwork, your nervous system will thank you for it later.
  • Not sure how to meditate? It doesn’t have to be perfect. Meditation can be as complicated as building a meditation room or as simple as spending a few extra minutes in the shower with the water running down the back of your neck. It’s all up to you. The most important thing is that you stay present.
  • If you’re looking for a little more guidance, this one-minute meditation is perfect for people who are new to meditation and have limited time to spare.
2. Break a sweat

Do a workout you enjoy–not just one that is meant to make your arms look good in your dress.

The key is not to kill yourself, but to get your body moving in a way that feels natural and fun. Here are some creative ways to get your blood pumping:

  • Go for a walk or a scenic hike
  • Sign up for a dance class
  • Go roller-skating with friends
  • Try aerial yoga
  • Go swimming
3. Get away from it all (for a few hours)

Make it a point to take your attention away from all things wedding-related, just for a few hours. Get out with friends for a pottery class or a paint and pour, read a book, or try cooking a new recipe.

Whatever you choose to do, just be sure to commit to giving it your full attention. Sometimes the best way to find clarity in stressful situations is to leave them alone for a little while.

4. Journal

Journaling is one of the best ways to organize your thoughts when it feels like they’re out of control.

No matter how strange it may seem, take a second to let everything that’s going through your mind come out on paper. Commit to just writing something, even if all you write is “I don’t want to write today because…”

Chances are, once you start, the words will keep flowing. And hey, you never know. You just might gain some new perspective and understanding.

5. Go Somewhere You Love with the One You Love

Between prioritizing vendors, dress shopping, invitations, and a seemingly endless list of wedding planning tasks—it’s easy to forget about the most important aspect of the wedding–the person you’re getting married to.

Head out with your special someone and spend the day holding hands at a museum, park, movie theater, or a new restaurant.

The day can be whatever you want it to be. The only rule? Keep the wedding talk to a minimum.

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