Outdoor Wedding Theme Ideas

So you are getting married and you have always dreamed of your big day being outdoors, but besides just being outdoors you are unsure what your theme should be. The experts from the Bowery in Kansas are here to help with these unique outdoor wedding theme ideas.

1. Fairies and Fantasy

Okay, you don’t have to go full Rennasaince Festival, but you can go for a whimsical themed outdoor wedding with delicate elements that give the impression of a magical world. We suggest creating center pieces that have small fairy homes and add fun details such as a cute rabbit holding signs and offer flower crowns to your guests.

2. Contemporary Country

Chances are if you want your theme to have a charming, down home feel, the contemporary country theme might be exactly what you are looking for. For this outdoor wedding theme, use burlap, mason jars, and hay bales to really hammer home the country feel. You will have your friends and family ready to say yee-haw.

3. Garden Party

A classic choice for your outdoor wedding theme is to make it a garden party. We suggest keeping decor and colors neutral and minimal to make sure your flowers are the stars of the show. Go all out with flowers and incorporate a grazing menu to help cut costs – don’t forget to note on your invites that you will be serving small plates.

4. Modern Tropical

This theme is for couples out there who truly love plants and greenery. You can bring in tropical plants and leaves to decorate every nook and cranny of your ceremony and reception space. Although this theme may not seem as budget-friendly as the other’s you can use fabrics printed with tropical flowers and plants in areas where spending a lot on plants is not an option..

5. Rustic Vineyard

This one is for all of you wine lovers out there! This theme isn’t too far off from the contemporary country idea above, but the focus is on, you guessed it, wine! If your venue isn’t a winery, you can still bring in local wines (if your venue allows it) and have a small tasting table with your own personal selection.

We highly suggest keeping things laid back and easy since the wedding is outside and keeping the decor rustic. You can even use wine bottles as centerpieces and decorative accents.

6. Camping Themed

For those of you who LOVE the outdoors and adventure, this is a very neat theme for you. You can decorate with canoe paddles, have a s’mores station, and even utilize a fire pit to create a cozy lounge area by the campfire. Now, this theme isn’t for everybody, but if you are that couple that loves to be out in nature and camp; this theme is both unique and fun!

For an unforgettable outdoor wedding experience, select The Bowery to host your big occasion. Talk to us, today.


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