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Let’s Give Live Music Some Love in JOCO

Let’s Give Live Music Some Love In JOCO

We believe that there is nothing better than a warm summer evening, a good drink, and a live band playing some great music. One of our focuses, when we were deciding what we wanted Bull Creek Distillery to be, was that there had to be live music, and there had to be a lot of it.

Regular Live Music in Johnson County

We felt that there was a lack of consistency when it came to good live music in our area. We were getting tired of going to a spot that had live music one week and not the next. We wanted our JOCO people to know that if they want to hear music and on almost every Friday or Saturday night, we would have what they are looking for. Yeah, you can drive downtown and see a good live band any night of the week, but who wants to deal with the traffic and parking? Also, why not go somewhere that is close to home and hang out with your neighbors? After we got our bourbon in barrels, we started booking bands.

Feel Good Live Local Music

We appreciate all types of music, but there is something special about an awesome acoustic set or sweet soul music on a perfect summer evening that just works. At Bull Creek Distillery, we try to book the best artists around and think we do a pretty damn good job of it. We try to bring in bands that speak to who we are; you probably won’t hear a whole lot of hardcore metal or explicit rap on our live music nights, but if you are into that we can point you in the right direction! We believe that everyone comes to Bull Creek Distillery to have a good, laid-back time and we want our music nights to add to that atmosphere and keep the feel-good vibes going!

Who Will You See at Bull Creek Distillery?

You won’t see huge names playing at Bull Creek, but you will see some talented people who are willing to share a drink and a story with you after they finish playing. We book a lot of local artists and more often than not we like their sound better than some of those big names!

Upcoming Live Music Events:

July 27th: Kurt Allen and Titanium Blue (Blues, Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Rock)

August 3rd: Wade D. Brown (Acoustic)

August 11th: Sissy & Earl (Americana/Country covers and original music)

Head over to our Facebook Events Page to find out more about our upcoming events!


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