How to Plan a Rustic Wedding in Kansas

When it comes to planning a rustic wedding as a Kansas native, there truly is no place like home. Kansas is full of rustic elegance, beauty, and authentic midwest charm. If you stick to your roots, creating that perfect vision comes as easily as navigating the backroads in your hometown. Here are some of our favorite tips to help get you on the right track to planning the perfect rustic wedding in Kansas.

Planning a Rustic Wedding in Kansas: 6 Tips From the Pros
1. Find a Venue that Suits The Season and Style

If you call Kansas home, you’re probably well aware that Kansas weather is a bit of a wild card. With its unpredictable climate in mind, you’ll want to be sure to choose a venue that will be able to accommodate your big day, rain or shine. The venue should offer tents or some sort of shelter just way it does decide to start raining on your reception. You should also be sure to take a look at the inherent structure, design, and feel of the venue to make sure it is in line with your rustic theme.

2. Cost-effective Decor is Key

One reason rustic weddings are great is that you can incorporate a number of items you probably already have access to if you’re a true midwestern native. Look around your home (and possibly the homes of your friends, relatives, and neighbors) for items like hay bales and mason jars. Peruse the local vintage, thrift, and antique shops for old farming tools to really bring in that authentic rustic feel. And of course, always be sure to comb the aisles of your favorite local craft stores for cute wedding decor items that will work well with your theme.

3. Keep the Food Simple

You probably don’t need a sushi bar at your rustic wedding (unless you are into that sort of thing). Keep the menu simple and don’t overthink it or try to do it all yourself. Plenty of places in the area can bring the comfort of a home-cooked meal right to your wedding.

Whether it is BBQ or fried chicken, if you’re tying the knot in Kansas, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect eats to match your rustic theme. If you don’t want people to lose momentum following a heavy meal, try something unique and opt for a grazing table.

4. Set Your Dress Code and Let it be Known

With a rustic wedding, you’ll always want to be extremely specific about the dress code. If you leave it open to the discretion of your guests, you might end up with people showing up wearing jeans and t-shirts. Make sure you let your guests know what the dress code is on your invitation. If you are fine with jeans and button-ups, let your guests know that. If you want them to wear business casual attire, note that on the invitation and send a reminder. People forget.

5. Give Clear Directions on Where to Park

Depending on what facility you choose for your big day, there could be a wide variety of options when it comes to parking. If there is space for people to park in the grass, you’ll want to be certain that those areas are marked off. The last thing you want is someone’s car parked in the area where you planned on taking pictures after the ceremony.

If there is street parking or people might have to walk a little ways to get to you, just be sure to include all the particulars in the invitation or have signs set up for people as they arrive. Whatever your situation, just be as clear as possible–and never assume people will figure it out. They usually won’t!

6. Use the Outdoors as a Backdrop for Photos

When you’re checking out venues in the area, look for places that have some options in terms outside scenery. Mother nature can sometimes serve as the perfect backdrop for a dream photoshoot.

With a rustic theme, this is usually pretty simple to achieve. Look for places that have nearby greenery, tall trees, flowers, or even just an open field. Incorporate your own props and decor for professional photos to really tie in the theme.

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