How to Find the Best Place to Get Married in Kansas City

You are planning to have your wedding in Kansas City because that is where your friends and family are and it is a beautiful place to say your I dos. But one of the biggest things you will have to tackle when planning your KC wedding is finding the right venue. Your venue sets the tone for the entire day and choosing the right one can be a little stressful. We get it, that is why we wanted to give you a guide to finding the best place to get married in Kansas City.

Know Your Budget

This is the first thing you will want to think about when you start shopping around for venues. We suggest making a list of what you will provide and what you want the venue to provide. For example, will you be renting chairs and tables? Or would you like chairs and to be provided by the venue? Will you be having your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place or will you have to transport guests from the ceremony to the reception? After you figure out what you want from your venue, you can start making a spreadsheet with venue names and corresponding expenses. Note that normally all-inclusive venues will be more cost-effective.

Will the Venue Accommodate All of Your Guests?

Have an estimate of how many guests will be at your wedding and make sure the venue can comfortably hold all of them comfortably. We actually suggest overestimating your guest list by at least 50 people for two reasons.

  1. You want everyone to have a little extra room to mingle and move around.
  2. Someone is bound to bring an extra guest that they did not RSVP.
Does the Location Suit Your Needs?

There are several things you want to look at when choosing the location of your venue.

Theme: Does the location fit your wedding theme and desired aesthetic? If you want a laid back, rustic wedding, picking a trendy, modern venue might clash with your theme. Kansas City offers a wide variety of venues so with a little bit of research you can find one that fits your style perfectly

Parking and Transportation: If you are having your guests drive themselves to the venue, make sure there is ample parking. As we stated above, if guests will be shuttled from one location to another, make sure to consider the extra costs associated with that and add them into your budget.

Obstructed views: You want everybody to see that awesome entrance that you and your wedding party have been planning for months so, make sure that large pillars and columns do not obstruct anybody’s view

Is the Time and Date That You Want Available?

Make sure the venue you want is available on your wedding day. We suggest locking down a date with your venue before you send out save the dates. Some people send out their save the dates before they put down their venue deposit and are disappointed when the place they had their heart set on is not available on that day. Don’t let this happen to you.

The Bowery is a great choice for those looking to get married in the Kansas City area.

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