Fall Wedding Dilemmas And How To Handle Them

The earlier you plan, the more prepared you’ll be for your wedding day. That being said, there’s no better time than the present to begin organizing (or put the finishing touches on) your fall wedding.

September and October were the most popular wedding months in both 2016 and 2017. It’s no question why. With summer heat out the window and the changing leaves on your side, autumn is a beautiful season for wedding photos.

However, like any season, fall can come with its own dilemmas. Here are a few of the most common conflicts brides experience during fall weddings so you can best prepare.

Your fall wedding gets hit with frost
One of the biggest problems with outdoor weddings is the difficulty of dealing with the elements. Unfortunately, you can’t predict the weather well in advance.

To prevent guests from being chilly at your potential outdoor wedding venues, consider warning your guests of the cold or providing blankets or wraps during the ceremony. Another good idea when planning a wedding is to choose a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor space. It allows you to have the beautiful photo-ops you want while still being able to stay warm if a cold snap hits.

You can’t quite find an open weekend
It can be a challenge to find a wedding date that doesn’t conflict with the schedules of your friends and family. This is especially true in the fall what with various holidays taking up room on your guests’ calendars.

However, no matter how early you schedule your wedding and send out the invitations there’ll always be someone who may not be able to make it. Therefore, try to find a day that works best for you and for the majority of your guests. Then send out your save-the-dates guilt-free.

Your favorite wedding flower is out of season
It can be a real bummer when the flowers you’ve always wanted in your bouquet are out of the season. However, using in-season flowers is one of the best ways to reduce your wedding cost. What’s more, fall floral arrangements can come in a variety of colors and are absolutely gorgeous.

Consider mixing natural elements such as twigs and evergreen with flowers such as asters or dahlias. Whether or not you’re having a rustic wedding, these autumn elements give a fresh look to your bouquet and add spice to your theme.

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