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Brilliant Whiskey Pairings: 5 Foods To Try With Your Favorite Whiskey This Week

Brilliant Whiskey Pairings: 5 Foods To Try With Your Favorite Whiskey This Week

Whiskey is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. In fact, the whiskey industry is valued at nearly $60 billion.

A strong demand for premium whiskeys is pushing the market to new heights. The whiskey market is projected to grow over 5 percent in the next six years.

Food and Whiskey Pairings That are Perfection

One reason that whiskey is so popular is that it nicely complements your favorite foods. Read on to learn about the best whiskey pairings. Explore five great foods that go really well with whiskey.

man-with-whiskey1. Steak

There are very few things that go better together than steak and whiskey. The good news is that a juicy steak is readily available at most restaurants and throughout the year.

If you are at home, fire up the grill and prepare a steak. During the winter months, you can make a delicious steak in the oven or on a skillet.

Whiskey’s smoky flavor complements a steak so well. A medium-bodied whiskey is best.

2. Cheese

People always talk about wine and cheese as the perfect combo. Cheese eaters are missing out in a big way without a short glass of whiskey.

For starters, the pair has so much in common. Both whiskey and cheese get better with age.

Also, there are so many flavors to try. We recommend a light, sweet whiskey with goat cheese or brie.

3. Dark Chocolate

Not only does whiskey pair well with meat and cheeses but also works with desserts. Perhaps the best pairing for your sweet tooth is dark chocolate.

The more cocoa the better when it comes to whiskey pairings. In addition, a subtle fruit flavor to the chocolate, such as orange does the job.

If dark orange chocolate is your choice, scotch is the right complement. Experts note that the citrus note in scotch brings out the orange flavor. Other whiskeys like rye or single malt scotch pair well with different chocolate.

4. Pie

Many whiskey drinkers are stunned to find out how amazing it pairs with pie. Apple and pumpkin pies stand out in particular.

For instance, you may have a spiced scotch on the rocks. This is a perfect complement to a spiced pumpkin pie.

Another popular choice is bourbon with hints of caramel flavor. Bourbon is a nice drink with apple pie a la mode.

5. Smoked Salmon

Now that we have adequately covered dessert, it is time to circle back to the main entrée. Many people choose white wine to accompany fish.

Choosing wine is another missed opportunity. A whiskey with high rye content brings out fruity and spicy flavors in the salmon.

A Recap of the Best Whiskey Pairings

For the sophisticated drinker, it is time to move on from the tired cliché of wine. Instead, choose to pair whiskey with your favorite meals.

Whiskey goes well with a wide range of foods from main entrees to desserts. If you want to explore the best whiskey pairings in person, plan a trip to the Bull Creek distillery today.

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