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Give Our Bourbon Distillery a Shot

Bull Creek Distillery is Unlike Any Other Place in the Kansas City Area

We know that there are already a lot of great wineries nearby. We also know that there are many great farm-to-table restaurants around. So, we thought long and hard about bringing something that’s totally unique to local patrons.

The Birth of Great Whiskey Blended with Small Town Pride

Our bourbon distillery is the result of careful consideration of what good whiskey should taste like. We mixed, sampled, and blended batch after batch, until we found just the right flavors that made our taste buds swell with tiny town pride. Try our bourbon, and get a taste of something truly special yet beautifully local.

Whether you’re looking for an excellent place to unwind with family, friends, your pets, or by yourself, feel free to visit our distillery. Come out and discover what we do, if bourbon isn’t your thing, then have yourself a brew.

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