Inspiration can come from anywhere. And for us, it came from Spring Hill and Bull Creek, both of which run deep with small town pride and everything that makes the Midwest one of the very best places on earth.

If we’re going to get more specific, the idea for Bull Creek and all that came next was born on a summer evening while we soaked in the sunset and wondered how we could capture the feeling of the heartland in a bottle. Years later, we remain true to this original vision, centering everything we do, create, and share in this celebration of our community and our heritage.


Bourbon this great doesn’t happen by accident.

At Bull Creek Distillery, we’ve spent years perfecting our spirits, bottling premium bourbons that speak to our small town roots. Our bourbons are distinguished by the quality of the water used in the finishing process, and are barrel-aged in new white oak barrels until they reach the smooth finish you expect from top-shelf spirits. It’s bourbon made by and for the people of the American Heartland, delivering bold authenticity and designed to embody the spirit of our serene Midwestern setting. We also bottle an innovative line of vodkas, including original flavors infused with fresh herbs we grow on-site.

Since opening our micro-distillery in 2018, our focus has always been on creating the best small batch artisan spirits from the highest quality ingredients. This dedication has paid off in our award-winning bourbons and quickly growing vodka line, all of which get to the heart of what craft spirits are all about. And we know we’re making Kansas proud.
Want to experience Bull Creek Distillery for yourself? Our distillery is open year-round for tours, and provides you with an opportunity to see firsthand what goes into creating our award-winning spirits. You’ll also learn more about the history of our brand, the passion that drives us, and the people who bring it all together (with plenty of time for tasting too, of course).
It only takes one sip of Bull Creek spirits to understand the heart and soul behind our craft. We look forward to showing you around, and are confident you’ll love Bull Creek bourbon and vodkas as much as we do.



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Come witness Bull Creek in action. Our all-inclusive tour gives you a firsthand look at how Bull Creek spirits are made, with an insider’s view of everything that goes into craft distillation. While you’re here, you’ll also get a chance to taste some of our premium spirits right on site.
Note: Please bring a valid photo I.D. and arrive for your scheduled tour at least 10 minutes in advance.

Book your tour today with Dwaine Hood at info@bullcreekdistillery.com, or fill out the contact form.


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