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About Bull Creek Distillery

Welcome to Bull Creek Distillery, where we combine great food and a great atmosphere to make your time worthwhile. We are a full bar and family restaurant in Spring Hill, KS that provides a refreshing outdoor experience and cozy indoor environment.

Why Should You Visit Us?

The short answer is that we provide an irresistible array of food and cocktails served in a laidback environment. We want you to feel like you’re on vacation and leave your worries at the door even if you’re just a few blocks away from home or work.

At Bull Creek Distillery we are a bar and restaurant that strives to maintain an atmosphere that has something for everybody. Whether you’re with your family, your pets, your friends, or a date, you’re sure to have fun unwinding with us.

Not to mention, we serve the best whiskey around and if you’re like us, it will keep you coming back for more! We mix, blend, and sample our whiskey to perfection. Despite being located in a tiny town, we serve our unforgettable, signature whiskey, fueled by nothing but hometown pride – and maybe a bit of whiskey. Come give us a shot, and you can be sure we’ll give you one too!

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