9 Inspiring DIY Rustic Wedding Decor Ideas

A rustic design theme for a wedding is a great decision if you want to escape a traditional wedding atmosphere. To save money for your country wedding decorations, it is better to do the project yourself.

You can incorporate DIY rustic wedding decor ideas for your special day. Come up with ideas that give a feeling of refinement and elegance. Here are rustic wedding ideas to make your wedding day special.

1. Burlap and Lace Chair DIY Rustic Wedding Decor

Let’s start by decorating your wedding chairs with burlap and lace. Burlap and lace chair bows are easy to make. Burlap is a fabric that gives your wedding a chic look.

This is an excellent choice that makes your rustic wedding more realistic. You can also wrap burlap around your vases and bouquets.

2. Rustic Wedding Candles

Wrapping wedding candles with burlap and lace is a brilliant idea. All you have to do is measure the width of the candles. The next step is to wrap the right length of burlap and lace around the candles.

This idea is super fast and convenient.

3. Burlap Table Runner

One decor you should not overlook is burlap table runners. They can be used to add charm and they give the impression of a nice, rustic atmosphere. Use burlap table runners on the dining, kitchen, and living room tables.

4. Rustic Twig Letters

Impress your guests with rustic twig letter banners. Branches and twigs can give you the perfect setting you want for your wedding. To set the right mood, use twigs to make letters, names or numbers for your wedding.

5. Flower Box

When you’re thinking of DIY rustic weddings, don’t forget to include flower boxes. These gorgeous flower boxes can be used to give your wedding a unique theme. Use this idea to create stylish centerpieces at your venue.

6. Rustic Wedding Mason Jars

For your big day, be sure to use wedding mason jars. Wrap lace or burlap around your jars for a themed event. Mason jars can be used with candles or the flowers of your choice. Arrange your jars as centerpieces, aisle decorations or hanging decorations.

7. Rustic Wedding Signs

Regardless of the location of your rustic wedding, you can make it stand out with rustic wedding signs. You can customize a rustic sign according to your needs. They are ideal for a wedding, reception and used outdoors to serve as welcoming signs for your guests.

8. Wooden Crates

Vintage rustic crates create a nice impact for a wedding. Fill your wooden crates with an array of fresh flowers. Stack these crates outdoors or indoors to make your wedding stylish.

9. Rustic Cake Stands

Surprise your guests with rustic wedding cake stands. You can make these stands from tree trunks and branches to showcase a three-tier wedding cake. These stands are also perfect for serving wedding cupcakes outdoors.

Need More Rustic Wedding Ideas?

A rustic wedding is lots of fun, especially with the right type of decorations.

Your guests will be happy when you take the time to plan the perfect rustic wedding they enjoy. Take a look at our blog for more DIY rustic wedding decor ideas.


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