7 Ways to Cut Down on Wedding Costs

After months of meticulous planning and preparation, your wedding day is finally right around the corner. You’ve done your best to plan for the unexpected and are feeling confident and excited until just a few hours before you’re set to tie the knot, you get word that the flower delivery has been delayed. They won’t be there in time for the wedding.

Scrambling to make alternative arrangements, you realize you don’t have enough money set aside to afford a last-minute florist.  This isn’t surprising since wedding flowers commonly cost thousands of dollars.

Whether it’s expensive last minute dress alterations (which can cost as much as $500), or going out to buy matching umbrellas for the wedding party photos because suddenly there’s a 90% chance of rain—things come up.

When planning your wedding, you simply can’t afford not to prepare for the unexpected.

Cut Wedding Costs and Save on Your Big Day

Weddings are expensive regardless, so thinking about preparing a completely separate fund for nuptial emergencies can seem a little daunting at first.  So why not cut costs in other areas? Using the money you save, you can create a wedding emergency-fund.

Tweaking your budget in this way can help to alleviate some of the financial burdens that come along with unexpected wedding costs, and in the long run, it will save you money.  How can you argue with that?

1. Go for the Graze

Opt out of a full blown 3-course dinner, go with a grazing menu. Offering small plates people can eat throughout the night, this menu option is fun, unique, and budget-friendly.

2. Be Frugal with Flowers

Use fillers in flower bouquets surrounding a few more expensive stems. Pretty leaves and grasses like baby’s breath or bear grass look lovely and cut costs.

3. Budget your Beats

In terms of entertainment, DJs are generally cheaper than wedding bands. If your heart is set on a band, try booking local.

4. Cheap and Cheerful Cocktails

Offer a special wedding cocktail with beer and wine rather than investing in a full open bar, which can be pricey.

5. Sweet, Sweet Savings

In addition to your wedding cake, put together a DIY candy bar. This is a cheap and easy way to decorate.  You can use your own glassware buy candy in bulk to save money.

6. Inexpensive Invites

Stamps aren’t very expensive on their own, but they add up. Get creative and send postcards for more casual announcements like Save the Date. For less formal nuptial events like the bachelor and bachelorette parties and bridal shower, consider sending online invitations. They’re affordable, eco-friendly and rising in popularity.

7. Affordable & All-inclusive

All-inclusive wedding venues typically have a higher price tag, but that’s because they provide more services. An all-inclusive venue will take care of acquiring and delivering a number of things for you. This may include decorations, glassware, catering and supplies, sound equipment, and more. When it’s all said and done, you might find the cost is actually cheaper than paying for each of these services individually.

Of course, if you’re considering The Bowery as a venue for your wedding, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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