5 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding reception because let’s be honest we have all been to a reception that had zero originality and the couple’s personality was nowhere to be found in the decor. You want your reception to be memorable for your friends and family and as unique as you are. Here are five wedding reception ideas that will set you apart from everyone else.

1. Gold Flatware Adds a Wow Factor to Reception Tables

Using gold flatware might sound tacky, but if done correctly, this is a unique way to spice up your decor and add a little bit of a ‘wow factor’ to the tables at your reception. This can be a bit pricey, but for smaller, more intimate weddings it is a great alternative to traditional silver flatware.

2. Simple Table Settings that Compliment Your Wedding Decor

Minimalism is in right now, gone are the days of large over the top centerpieces. Simple, beautiful centerpieces are a great, inexpensive way to add visual interest to your reception tables and guests will be able to actually talk to each other. Head over to your local dollar store or craft shop and find small glass vases put a little water in the bottom and add fresh cut fauna in the color of your choice. Feel free to add some candles and voila you have cost-effective, simple table settings.

3. Hanging Plants Add a Unique Aesthetic

An interesting way to add a natural decor touch to your wedding reception venue is with hanging plants. A lot of indoor wedding venues have high ceilings which means you have to get a little bit creative. You will want to talk to your wedding planner or have some willing members of your wedding party install cables or pulls so that plants don’t have to descend 20+ feet. If your reception is outside you can suspend plants from trees or install extra poles in your wedding tent.

4. Create a Lounge Area for Your Reception Guests

The idea of a lounge area at a wedding reception is one of our favorites so far! Find a neat, inexpensive couch or borrow one from a friend add a small coffee table to hold drinks and create a fun centerpiece. Keep the couch small to attain an intimate feel and Boom! You have successfully added a cozy element to your reception.

5. Opt for a Grazing Menu

Instead of making your guests sit through a stuffy four-course dinner, have a grazing menu with small plates that people can eat throughout the night! This is not only cost-effective, but it is also more fun, and people aren’t forced to stay in their seats and eat food they may or may not like. Choosing a grazing menu instead of a large dinner gives your reception a more laid back and comfortable vibe that everyone will appreciate. Take a look at our guide on how to create a grazing menu.

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