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5 Reasons to Love Spring Hill, Kansas

5 Reasons To Love Spring Hill, Kansas

Whenever someone asks us why we decided to open Bull Creek Distillery in Spring Hill, Kansas as opposed to a trendy downtown area, we say, “We love it here. This is where we feel at home.” Our answer is simple, but we wanted to elaborate on why exactly we love Spring Hill so much!

Why We Love Spring Hill, Kansas

1. The Small Town Charm

Spring Hill is a small town right outside of Kansas City where everybody knows your name and would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. Although the town is growing, it still keeps its charm by maintaining important historic buildings and homes in the area.

2. There is Plenty to Do

Okay, so we’ve got charm, but what is there to do in Spring Hill? Well, if you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, want to learn a little bit about history, or spend some quality time with your friends, we have something for you here. Click here to find a list of fun things to do in our tiny town.

3. The Rich History

Spring Hill was founded in 1857 by James B. Hovey. According to the Spring Hill Historical Society, the first building in town was the Spring Hill Hotel. The two-story structure was built in 1857. Although the structure no longer exists, it is rumored that the hotel was used as a hiding place for runaway slaves.

Celia Ann Dayton, the first female doctor in Kansas, arrived in Spring Hill in 1859, with her adopted son, Hiram Eugene, who was also a doctor. Celia Ann was independent and refused to conform to the societal norms at the time.
In the early 1900s, bandits and thieves found easy targets in the small town of Spring Hill. The frequency of these uninvited visits began to alarm Spring Hill residents, who formed the “Minute Men” to detour unwanted visitors.
Click here to learn more about the history of Spring Hill.

4. The Beautiful, Calm Landscape

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There are very few things we enjoy more than sitting outside and taking in the natural beauty of our tiny town without any large buildings blocking the view or distracting sirens to taking us out of the moment. With miles of rolling hills and large trees, the landscape in Spring Hill is truly something special.

5. Spring Hill Knows How to Have a Good Time

If you are looking for a crazy Las Vegas-style party, you might have to look elsewhere, but we do pride ourselves on knowing how to have a good time! At Bull Creek Distillery we have a full bar, good eats, live local music and much more. Stop by and say hello sometime.

Spring Hill, Kansas might not be as busy as downtown or have as much shopping as the plaza, but we do have good people, great views, and a good time. Things run a little slower here so if you do come to visit, make sure you are ready to sit back, relax, have a chat, sip a good drink and take in everything we have to offer. As you can see, we love our tiny town and we hope you will too!

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